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Since they are staring back at them from the steering wheel all day long. They need to be familiar with every nook and cranny of the area in order to provide quality service to their passengers. The difference of 50r so in tips can be a biggie. Weaving in and out of lanes, taking back routes to destinations, and driving around-and preferably not through-pedestrians can feel like a video game.

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Deep Cleaning

  Deep Cleaning Service List All Specified Rooms… Dust (Top to Bottom, Extensive & Detailed) Sweep (Corner to Corner & Under furniture) Vacuum (Rugs & Area Rugs) Mop (Tiles & Hardwood Floors, Double Mop in many cases) Trash Removal (all waste baskets emptied & replaced) Kitchen Dust, Sweep, Mop &…

Standard Maintenance Cleaning

Standard Maintenance Cleaning is a cleaning service for those who already had a deep cleaning service with a professional service. This service will “maintain” all previous professionally cleaned areas in your house. Standard Maintenance Cleaning is actually the same service as the Deep Cleaning, however, with your house already “Deep…

Basic Cleaning

Basic Cleaning is a light & quick cleaning service for those who do not require everywhere to be cleaned or for those on a low budget.  The service is still 100% professional, however, we do not focus on one particular area for a lengthy amount of time.  This type of…

Residential Cleaning

Local Area Cleaning Lady Provides Cleaning services for Residential Homes. We clean large homes, small homes, apartments, condo or even studios.   Cleaning Services can be arranged on daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Bi-weekly is usually the preferred frequency for services. We have many customers who use our services…

Commercial Cleaning

COMMERCIAL CLEANING Local Area Cleaning Lady Provides Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Cleaning for… Industrial Buildings Schools Salons Factories Offices etc… Many different types of services Building Maintenance Floor Buffing & Scrubbing Carpet Cleaning